Jack Flanders

jack_flandersJack Flanders is an adventurer. He not only travels to different countries in search of knowledge, he also steps into other dimensions to solve strange metaphysical puzzles. All of Jack’s stories have a lightness and humor, as well as some wonderful little wisdoms scattered throughout. Jack Flanders’ adventures are often set in locations where we traveled to record the sounds; Brazil, the Amazon, India, Bali, Java, Sumatra, Belize, Costa Rica, Morocco, Montreal and New Orleans.

Occasionally people ask in what order were Jack’s stories produced? It doesn’t really matter, since each story stands alone by itself, but here goes: The Fourth Tower of Inverness, Moon Over Morocco, The Ah-Ha Phenomena, The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders, Dreams of Rio, Travels With Jack, The Mystery of Jaguar Reef, Midnight at the Casa Luna, Return to Inverness, Traveling Jack, The Fantastic Voyages of Captain Jack Flanders, Steam Dreamers of Inverness, Do Angels Really Have Wings? Dreams of Tiffany Blue, The Secret of the Crystal Maidens, and The Green Velvet Chair.

The Fourth Tower of Inverness - This classic story is filled with all kinds of teachings, from Ram Dass playing on the Wurlitzer of Wisdoms, to the Tibetan wheel-of-life, to Sufi stories, all woven into a humorous adventure taking place in an old mansion called Inverness. The mansion has three towers, but Jack Flanders has seen a fourth. When he finally… Read more and listen »
Moon Over Morocco - Once in a far away land there existed a knowledge of natural magic that has been lost to modern man. Jack treks to Morocco, believing that in this primitive country, where magic remains an integral part of daily life, he may find this knowledge. Jack discovers far more than he expected when he steps through… Read more and listen »
Moon Over Morocco – Original Radio Version - This is the original radio edit version of Moon Over Morocco. Just like the podcast version, but with the closing tags. Just like you remember it from all those years ago. Once in a far away land there existed a knowledge of natural magic that has been lost to modern man. Jack treks to Morocco,… Read more and listen »
Dreams of Rio - Hypnotic voodoo beats, lush jungle noises, tropical rains, an enigmatic European Professor, an alluring female anthropologist…a few of the ingredients which M. Fulton has fashioned into his latest audio fantasy, Dreams of Rio, an engaging romp through the forests and samba clubs of Brazil. Dreams of Rio chronicles the tropical adventures of hero Jack Flanders… Read more and listen »
The Ah-Ha Phenomenon - Jack Flanders returns, disguised as a dervish, and tip toes through invisible planes in search of the ancient archives that hold all the great past, present, and future Ah-Ha’s! Jack encounters trolls, wizards, demons and mythological beasts on his quest for the wonderful Ah-Ha’s. ​For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio adventure, adventure radio… Read more and listen »
The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders - In the dead of night, a large shipping crate is delivered to the home of our hero Jack Flanders. Opening the crate, Jack discovers a green velvet overstuffed chair. Each night at the stroke of midnight, Jack sits in the soft, comfortable chair which comes alive, luring him onto its velvety realm. Everyday reality fades… Read more and listen »

Travels with Jack

Dreams of the Amazon - Jack’s interest is piqued when a mysterious woman joins him at his New York restaurant table, whispering, “Take me home, Jack.” His excitement veers to trepidation as she removes her ears, nose and lips to reveal a crystal skull. Without a doubt this is a different sort of date. Then his apartment transforms into a… Read more and listen »
Dreams of India - When a beautiful Indian woman hands Jack his own business card, which she claims he gave her aunt forty years ago, there is no doubt in Jack’s mind that another quest is about to unfold. Before the riddle is unraveled, Jack is off to New Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore. In an abandoned palace, he discovers… Read more and listen »
Dreams of Bali - A delightful trip to Bali to visit his old friend Tiffany spins out of control as Jack is confronted with jealous rivalries, black magic, dreams, and spectral visits from a Balinese holy man who sends Jack through a circular doorway to a realm of brilliantly colored stones and vibrant vegetation. Before it’s over, Jack must… Read more and listen »
Dreams of Sumatra - Jesse, a young anthropologist, disappears somewhere in the highlands of West Sumatra, and Jack is hired to find her. There’s evidence that she was involved in the Kabut cult, a secret society practicing ancient tribal magic. Jack travels to Bukittinggi as the city erupts in the exotic sounds of celebration at the end of Ramadan,… Read more and listen »
Return To Inverness - Jack has inherited the Inverness mansion from his late aunt, Lady Jowls. He’s also inherited the people that live there – the eccentric Lady Pompon and her quirky niece, Poodles; the mystic crow lady, Madame Trunknose; the caretaker, Old Far Seeing Art; the chef, Wham Bam Shazan, and more. The mansion has numerous hidden sliding… Read more and listen »
The Mystery of Jaguar Reef - Jack investigates a puzzling case of personality change and soon finds himself scuba-diving into a dilemma off the shores of Belize. Where did this mysterious pirate wreck come from? Is Jack really a pawn in a cosmic chess game? And why does everyone around him seem to be “Walk-ins”, except (perhaps) Captain Coco, his local… Read more and listen »
Midnight at the Casa Luna - While strolling home one warm Autumn-in-New-York eve, Jack wanders into a coffee shop, the Casa Luna, which has a habit of appearing and disappearing, taking the occupants with it. At midnight, the Casa Luna transforms itself and Jack is no longer in Manhattan, he’s somewhere in the tropics. Jack discovers his long lost uncle, the… Read more and listen »

Traveling Jack

Dreams of The Blue Morpho - Jack Flanders receives a call from Costa Rica, it’s his old friend , Mojo Sam. Mojo has a problem, her name is Amy Nelson. She has been experiencing a strange phenomenon, a “light” appears, hovering nearby, sometimes in the trees, sometimes outside her window, sometimes above her bed. This happens whenever she’s involved in a… Read more and listen »
Somewhere Next Door To Reality - Once again, Jack Flanders receives a call from his friend. Mojo Sam. In the Old City of Montreal, people have been disappearing, but in the strangest way. Sometimes your eyes can’t quite focus on a person, and then you notice, you can see right through them. When a friend of Mojo’s disappears, he asks Jack… Read more and listen »
Do That in Real Life? - When Jack Flanders is being chased by a zombie, his phone rings. It’s his old friend, Mojo Sam, waking him from his nightmare and inviting him to New Orleans. “No zombies down here,” Mojo chuckles. Strolling through the French Quarter, Jack notices a woman intently watching him. When their eyes meet, he suddenly realizes she… Read more and listen »
The Eye of Van Gogh - Within the walls of Quebec City are invisible balls of energy that cause severe hallucinations-reality intensifies, becomes super-real, as though seeing through the eye of a Van Gogh – some people experience it as ecstatic visions, others as madness. Jack, Mojo, and Dominique are trying to locate the source of these “eyes”. When a little… Read more and listen »

The Fantastic Voyages of Captain Jack Flanders

Orchids & Moonbeams - Somewhere in the tropics, yet another beach resort is being built. The developers are planning to put a road through a valley the locals consider sacred, they believe a powerful Nature Spirit dwells there. As the developers bulldoze into the jungle, and the warm tropical rains continue, the jungle is sprouting up everywhere. At Maria’s… Read more and listen »
The Ghost Islands - Jack, Claudine, Mojo and Dominique have docked in the small Caribbean town of San Miguel. At he Pelican’s Pouch, a local tavern, Mojo begins to hear stories of ghost islands that appear at certain times of the year. The locals feel it’s a good sign and make offerings in their little shrines. But this year,… Read more and listen »
Tropical Hot Dog Night - The Story: Jack Flanders and his crew sail to Key Milagro, an island that’s often referred to as, “Key Diablo!” A mysterious fog moves in at night, sucking out all the color, and everything becomes black & white. The next day, no one can recall exactly what happened. The fog returns night after night. The… Read more and listen »
The White Castle - This is the final voyage of Captain Jack Flanders. Jack and his crew accept an invitation from an eccentric billionaire who has built a castle on a Caribbean island. What first appears to be a replica of a medieval fortress turns out to be a very high tech castle, with robot personal valets, and rooms… Read more and listen »

Steam Dreamers of Inverness

Steam Dreamers of Inverness Part 1 - Jack, Mojo and Claudine discover a strange device in the old Victorian mansion of Inverness; a holographic projector that operates on steam. The projector is loaded with glass slides, as they whirl around, a black & white photographic image is projected into the center of the room. The photo is of a town set in… Read more and listen »
Steam Dreamers of Inverness Part 2 - Jack and Mojo once again fire up that old Victorian slide projector with its holographic images made of shadows, light and swirling steam. Their adventure begins with a photo of a zeppelin called, The Illuminato. The zeppelin is owned by Contessa Entellina Illuminato and is piloted by an eccentric German, Captain Henrich von Baumbaum. When… Read more and listen »
Steam Dreamers of Inverness Part 3 - While traveling upon the great zeppelin, The Illuminato, Jack, Mojo, and Claudine discover an island floating in the sky. On the island is a giant stupa guarded by a woman who is part machine and part plant. Andola RUX 77 is the creation of the renowned scientist, Dr. Werner von Falkenstein, also known as The… Read more and listen »
Steam Dreamers of Inverness Part 4 - The Final Story- The Clockwork Kingdom Back on the zeppelin, The Illuminato, our adventurers discover a clockwork kingdom inhabited by mechanical creatures. These windup automata are covered with dust, they haven’t creaked their joints in decades. Each of the automata represents a different archetype: the Magician, the Wizard, the Witch, the Gypsy, the High Priestess, the… Read more and listen »
Do Angels Really Have Wings? - This certainly is different. Jack dies and goes to Heaven. While exploring the various levels of Heaven, he decides to visit Hell. And he does this while riding on his childhood bicycle, a classic Schwinn Cruiser. Along the way, he meets a talking dog, and few old friends who show him the heavenly sights. While touring… Read more and listen »
The Secret of the Crystal Maidens - While exploring a cave in Belize, Jack Flanders hears a voice calling his name. Deep within, he discovers a woman who appears to have risen up out of the cave floor. Her entire body is covered in tiny calcite crystals. Jack wonders, “Is she a Mayan goddess of the Underworld?” But then he wakes up.… Read more and listen »
Mojo Plays Morocco - That lovely piano of Mojo’s you heard in Moon Over Morocco, including such heart warming classics as “Lili Marlene,” “Morocco” and “As Time Goes By”, all interpreted with the gentle touch of the incomparable Master George Schutz. We’ve gone back to the original studio masters to make these available just for you. The sound is good… Read more and listen »
The Case of the Disappearing Witch - In a little theatre, off off off Broadway, Simon Gray is attempting to direct a production of Macbeth, but every actress that plays Witch #3, disappears. Simon calls in his old friend, Mojo Sam. When Mojo sees an actress vanish before his eyes, he brings in Little Frieda, a girl who looks about 12 years… Read more and listen »
The Wee Weever – A Little Frieda Mystery - Little Freida, with the assistance of Mojo, attempts to unravel the mystery of the “thing” lurking within the McIllroy mansion. Whatever it is, its illusive, mischievous & perhaps dangerous. As Mojo zeros in on the “Imp” (as he calls it) Little Frieda is in Ireland, advising him via cell-phone. But whatever traps they set, it’s… Read more and listen »
The Land of Enchantment - Mojo takes a job playing piano at the Armadillo Bistro and Cabaret in Coyote, New Mexico, where he’s drawn into an adventure with a cast of wild west characters, including a 100 year old curandera (medicine woman), and an Apache spirit guide who is one helluva prankster. ​​For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio… Read more and listen »
Little Frieda’s Life Lessons - Little Frieda comes from a race of beings whose purpose in the cosmos is to smoke cigars and, in their spare time, lend a hand, when possible, to humans who have gotten themselves into one kind of jam or another. When Jack Flanders came to Inverness and stumbled into the Fourth Tower, he embarked on… Read more and listen »
The Green Velvet Chair - In an antique shop, Jack Flanders discovers a green velvet chair That evening, at midnight, the chair begins to breathe. Sprouting out of the back of the overstuffed chair are feathered wings! And suddenly, Jack is flying through the night sky. When he lands, waiting for him in an old 1920s Packard, are two identical… Read more and listen »
Dreams of Tiffany Blue - In Belize, Jack Flanders meets Friedrich, the owner of a bar called Fat Freddy’s. Jack knew his brother Klaus back in Rio de Janeiro. Shortly before Klaus died he sent Friedrich a blue crystal stone along with a note, “Hear this for me.” Later, when Jack and Mojo are talking to Lindz, a waitress at… Read more and listen »
League of the Green Velvet Chairs - The Story The Inverness estate is now being looked after by Jack’s niece. A few of the original characters still remain, including the caretaker, Old Art, and Jack’s good friend, Mojo Sam the Youdoo Man. Four of Jack Flanders fans arrive at the old mansion, hauling along their own green, overstuffed chairs. They are Zula,… Read more and listen »
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