Dreams of The Blue Morpho

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Jack Flanders recieves a call from Costa Rica, it?s his old friend , Mojo Sam. Mojo has a problem, her name is Amy Nelson. She has been experiencing a strange phenomenon, a ?light? appears, hovering nearby, sometimes in the trees, sometimes outside her window, sometimes above her bed. This happens whenever she?s involved in a relationship. The light is rarely seen by others, but they feel there?s something ?witchy? about Amy. Even though she is not in the least bit ?witchy?, it?s enough to send men scurrying.

Amy Fled Costa Rica, where she was born, but the light has followed her. She asked mojo (who plays piano st Senor Frog?s), ?Can you help me?? But Mojo can?t figure out what causes this light. Jack flies down to Costa Rica to help out, but he too is baffled, and a little frightened when he has a harrowing encounter with the light. Something very powerful is happening and it may be traced back to the old African gods.