Film Noir

Okay, what is Film Noir?  It’s a style of cinema that accented the shadows cast by the American Dream.  Back in the 40s and 50s, movie theatres offered double features, the “B Movies,” low-budget, black & white films made to accompany the main feature.  Since their budgets were small, the writers and directors had a fair amount of artistic freedom.  They created plots and characters, that were so sharply defined, they continue to influence and inspire storytellers to this day.

These are stories about gangsters, bimbos, cons, cops, hookers, lovers, losers, platinum blondes, mink coats, high heels, and flashing neon signs reflected on rain-slicked streets.

Many of these little 2-3 minute stories aired on National Public Radio and other revered stations around the US. You’ll find audio samples of the complete stories. Give a listen, they’re fun.

Two Minute Film Noir - “2 Minute Film Noir” is a series of two-minute stories based on noir characters and images.  There are 50 stories, performed by the “usual suspects,” that is, the cast from the RUBY series. Some of the Stories Barking Guns & Dancing Dolls. An investor in a pro-Mafia musical does not like the dance number entitled,… Read more and listen »
More! Two Minute Film Noir “Joe & Moe” - If you heard the first, “2 Minute Film Noir,” then you know Joe & Moe, two guys sitting in a bar talking about women, cons, cops, capers & Lady Luck. The writer, Meatball Fulton, had so much fun writing the first Joe & Moe stories he decided to write 20 more. Among the titles are:… Read more and listen »
Even More! Two Minute Film Noir - Here are, yes, even 25 more noirs.  Among the stories are: Fast & Furious; a robbery is taking place inside a bank, there’s gunfire outside in the street, a woman is caught in the bank’s revolving door, not knowing which way to go.  In Burgoyne & Pearl, Dolly gives away Louie’s old fedora not knowing… Read more and listen »
Fallen Angels That Bounce - Flo has been having frustrating dreams at night. In her dream, she’s trying to get somewhere, but things keep happening; she forgets her ticket, or passport, or purse, she misses her bus, or train, or plane. It keeps happening night after night. So Joe & Moe give her a tip; visualize how she’d like her… Read more and listen »
Sun City Uncensored - The unedited, “Sun City Has Its Shadows.”  It’s not the cleaned-up version you’ll hear in “2 Minute Film Noir.  All the raw cussin’ is left in, and we think it’s hilarious.  Needless to say, not for children.  3 mins.