humorThese are stories that make us laugh. They aren’t what you might call “comedy,” but they may make you smile, chuckle, and occasionally laugh out loud. In other words, they’ll make you feel good.

90 Second Cellphone Chillin’ Theater - Here are some tasty little treats, 50 short Chillin’ stories.  They all take place on cellphones.  It appears the author, Meatball Fulton, opened a trapdoor in his skull and out hopped these little demons. There’s nothing really, truly, scary here.  In fact, most are hilarious, or at least the author thinks so.  And even though… Read more and listen »
Tiny Dreams - Tiny Dreams are joyous celebrations of life. They’re humorous, intricately produced, and very detailed. They are short stories that run less than 2 minutes each, but there are 34 dreams in total, so they do add up. They may be small, but they have a big heart and a sweet soul. In their own strange… Read more and listen »
Best of Saratoga Springs - These little gems are so hilarious, you’ll be convulsed with laughter, gasping for air. With occasional comments by the author, good ol’ Meatball Fulton. Saratoga Springs was originally produced as 90 (4) minute daily episodes for National Public Radio. So many of these episodes, dealing with the lives and loves of a whole cast of… Read more and listen »
Dishpan Fantasy - When Dora tries a new dish detergent called, “Blue Goddess,” she is suddenly whisked away to an unearthly paradise where strange and wonderful things appear.  Husband Aldo soon follows and in this swaying tropical Shangri-La, where the trees, flowers and even the breezes sing to Dora and Aldo (now Ador and Odla), they find themselves… Read more and listen »
Saratoga Springs: Original Radio Version - Saratoga Springs, Life in Small Town America. Is this the charming town, known for it’s spas, horse racing and potato chips?  What happens to Zippy, the mail lady, when White Boy rick talks her into trying his famous “magic mushrooms?”  Was Zippy really chased down Broadway by Breughel’s infernal Bagels from Hell?  And what about… Read more and listen »