mysteryIt’s all a mystery. Or at least that’s what they say about Life. So many of our stories could fall into this category. The 4th Tower of Inverness may be called a “Metaphysical Mystery.” But Jack Flanders has his own category, so we’ve included stories that fit the more popular definition.


Saratoga Noir - Saratoga Springs has an amazing history, the oldest racetrack in the country, the old gambling casinos, the spas and healing spring waters, and all those shady characters. The Story Danny Boyee is a private investigator who is barely paying the rent. He’s hired to find a Balinese pussy wearing a very expensive diamond collar. Vicki… Read more and listen »
Maltese Goddess - A detective story set in the 1930s, with voodoo, mobsters, goddesses worshippers, a snake cult, and an ancient, priceless, statue from Malta. Recorded with Fritz, the 3D binaural microphone. 75 minutes. ​​For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio adventure, adventure radio drama, detective radio drama, radio mysteries and exotic metaphysical mysteries. Review by Brion… Read more and listen »
Mumbo Jumbo - Jazz, voodoo, the Cotton Club, flappers, gangsters and bootleggers intermingle in this lively adaptation of Ishmael Reed’s novel, “Mumbo Jumbo.” Dave Adams (Mojo) plays the voodoo detective, Papa LaBas. We captured the sounds of the era, riding in the back seat of old cars with Fritz, recording in the streets of Philadelphia late at night,… Read more and listen »
Saratoga Fat Cats - Willie, who paints houses, is hired by an abundantly wealthy man to repaint a few rooms in his summer mansion. His girlfriend, a wet T-shirt model for Sports Illustrated, can’t stand the colors. Her name is Christy St. Nichols, she’s a pretty down-to-earth gal, she knows the sexy modeling she’s doing is simply fulfilling unfulfilled… Read more and listen »


A Dixon & Sparks Mystery

Excuse Me While I Disappear - A Dixon & Sparks mystery Phineas Sparks is a private detective in Manhattan, Taylor Dixon is his assistant. They take on cases that are a little offbeat. A woman by the name of Laura Collins has disappeared, but her friend Polly has seen her. When Polly attempts to approach Laura, she vanishes, slowly. That is,… Read more and listen »
The Night Has Begun - Polly Parker believes someone has put a curse on her fiancé, Clifford Barnett. Clifford and his partner, Alan Hendrix, are what’s called headhunters, they find executives to run companies. Polly suspects, and so does Dixon, this may be a real headhunters curse. Dixon’s friend, Orpheus, knows all about curses. His business card states, “Are You… Read more and listen »
Shadows in the Night - Polly’s sister, Margo Parker worked for a tech company called Enochian Incorporated. When she didn’t like what she saw, Margo quit. Now she feels they’ve come after her, using subliminal mind techniques that have gone beyond mere technology. Dixon’s Uncle Hans arrives from Munich with bionic glasses for Taylor Dixon, who is visually impaired. When… Read more and listen »


A Little Frieda Mystery

The Case of the Disappearing Witch - In a little theatre, off off off Broadway, Simon Gray is attempting to direct a production of Macbeth, but every actress that plays Witch #3, disappears. Simon calls in his old friend, Mojo Sam. When Mojo sees an actress vanish before his eyes, he brings in Little Frieda, a girl who looks about 12 years… Read more and listen »
The Wee Weever - Little Freida, with the assistance of Mojo, attempts to unravel the mystery of the “thing” lurking within the McIllroy mansion. Whatever it is, its illusive, mischievous & perhaps dangerous. As Mojo zeros in on the “Imp” (as he calls it) Little Frieda is in Ireland, advising him via cell-phone. But whatever traps they set, it’s… Read more and listen »

Recipe For Murder Pt 1 - This is the first half of a series of eight mysteries. The hero, Jean-Claude, is a young sous-chef living in Montréal. In the first episode, A Sweet Death, the police arrest his close friend, Georges-Luc (who is from Haiti), charging him with murder. Jean-Claude proceeds to investigate on his own. A sweet death indeed, for… Read more and listen »
Recipe For Murder Pt 2 - Each story deals with a different type of food. The writer, Don Druick, is a gourmet cook from Montréal; his descriptions of various dishes and their preparation are so vivid, so enticing, there are times it’s almost painful to listen without wanting to run out and stuff yourself. Four new stories, Across the Line, It… Read more and listen »
Mojo’s Vest Pocket Voodoo Adventures - Mojo receives a call from, “The Whistle Stop Hobby Shop.” He’s told his pocket watch has arrived. It’s a gift from someone he’s never met, a man named “Rufus.” But the pocket watch has no hands or numbers, just an opaque face that reminds Mojo of a Zombie’s eye. Mojo is mistaken for the detective,… Read more and listen »