Sci-Fi and Fantasy

sci_fi_fantasyHere is another category that could include just about everything we’ve done. RUBY is definitely sci-fi, but she has her own category. Most of the Jack Flanders could be called, Fantasy, but he too has his own niche. Here you will find some of the best contemporary SF ever produced for radio, including, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And our own slightly wacky, Stars & Stuff.

For more Sci-Fi – see Ruby.

Stars and Stuff - The Complete Stars & Stuff at last! Well, almost complete. Two stories that were part of this scifi/fantasy series, Tired of the Green Menace and The Ah-Ha! Phenomena, are not included since they were released separately on CDs. But, everything else is! Including: The Thing That Ate Aunt Sophie The Tongue That Licked Tucson Wino… Read more and listen »
The Insiders’ Lounge - Welcome to a kind of “Country & Western Twilight Zone”, a strange, yet eerily familiar parallel universe, where lonely people who don’t “fit in” may, for the very first time, find themselves, and a home … if they’re lucky. At school, Homer Duckencover always felt he was an Outsider, forever wishing he were Somewhere Else.… Read more and listen »