The Insiders’ Lounge

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Welcome to a kind of ?Country & Western Twilight Zone?, a strange, yet eerily familiar parallel universe, where lonely people who don?t ?fit in? may, for the very first time, find themselves, and a home … if they?re lucky.

At school, Homer Duckencover always felt he was an Outsider, forever wishing he were Somewhere Else. And then one day it happens: everything around him suddenly just … disappears! And Homer finds himself ?on a back road, at the outskirts of the Middle of Nowhere? – utterly lost in an unexplainable Netherworld – until an old truck stops and a voice says, ?Get in?. It?s his high school girlfriend, the one who mysteriously vanished a couple of years ago! And now she?s driving Homer to the very place he?s always yearned for, but never knew existed: The weirdly folksy ?Insiders? Lounge?. But Powerful Forces are scheming to capture Homer and return him to his old world. Having just tasted happiness, will Homer be able to keep it? … Will any of us?

Written and Directed by Leslie Fuller, Produced by ZBS Foundation.