Zeeber Gold

zeeber_goldThese are nuggets from our archives. We were a radio commune back in the early days of ZBS. The video artist, Bill Viola, used to refer to us as The Zeebers. We produced and distributed programs for community, college and public radio stations. ZBS was originally founded with the idea of using media to raise consciousness. These radio programs reflect that philosophy. Very little has dated, their nourishing essence still shines forth. You’ll find interviews with Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Joseph Campbell, Yoko Ono, Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, Ken Kesey, Paul Bowles, Abbie Hoffman, Mel Blanc of Bugs Bunny & Porky Pig, Chogyam Trunpa Rinpoche, Humphrey Osmond who coined the word “psychedelic,” and lots more. We’ve uncovered 28 programs so far. A rare find is Meatball Fulton’s never-before-aired interview with Syd Barrett of the Pink Floyd. Shiny nuggets indeed. Zeeber Gold! We did our best to make these sound perfect, but due to the age of these tapes, there may be an occasional imperfection.

A TIME IN TANGIER - A walk and talk with Paul Bowles, author and composer, in and around his home in Tangier. Bowles is an American expatriate who has been living in Morocco for the last 20 years. He was the inspiration for our radio serial “Moon Over Morocco”. A good deal of that serial was based upon what he… Read more and listen »
ABBIE HOFFMAN AND THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF - We produced this rare album of America’s crazy comedian, revolutionary and hanky panky artist. It was recorded up here at the Zeeber Farm, in our own studio, Froggy Acres. But no record company would touch it. So we figured, what the hell, we’ll put it out on our own label, Big Toe. Originally Abbie wanted… Read more and listen »
CHOGYAM TRUNGPA, RINPOCHE - Rinpoche has probably done more to adapt the ancient traditions of the East to the 20th century Western experience than any other spiritual teacher. Born in Tibet and discovered at the age of 14 months to be the 11th incarnation of the Trungpa Tulku, he was raised to become Abbot of the Surmang Monasteries. While… Read more and listen »
CLEVE BACKSTER - Cleve Backster is a scientist who has worked extensively with plant reaction to human stimulus. He helped to develop the polygraph (lie detector) and, while experimenting with its use, discovered that plants reacted to stimulus just as human beings do and that they appeared to react instantaneously (non-time consumption). While such a concept has been… Read more and listen »
DENNY HALL - Denny Hall is an ex-confidence man, a musician, and song writer. Here he talks about prisons, what goes on in them, and various cons he’s performed. He’s powerful, he really gets into the problems of prisons with the insight of a poet who has spent half of his life behind bars – in and out… Read more and listen »
DIRTY DENNY AND THE PORNO BUSINESS - An insiders view of the multi-million dollar porno business, seen thru the eyes of a successful porno businessman. Yes folks, it’s supply and demand and how much will people pay to be titillated. It’s books, movies, massage parlours, peep shows, publishers, police harassment and the old crispy green, and how far can the enterprising businessman… Read more and listen »
DONOVAN - This was recorded in Donovan’s home in 1967. It’s not the sort of thing that dates because he’s talking about God and things like that. He sez he feels like a medium, he doesn’t create it…it just passes through. “It’s like having your fingers plugged into the sky.” A nice insight into a remarkable poet… Read more and listen »
ERIC IDLE OF MONTY PYTHON - What an amazing influence Monty Python has had on the world. First the BBC television shows, then albums, then movies, and now all the repeats and replays. This interview was done in the late 70s, shortly before they were about to begin writing the script for “The Life of Brian.” It began as the life… Read more and listen »
FRANK ZAPPA - An outrageous tape. Mr. Zappa whips it out. Such tasty tidbits as “The Bow Tie Theory of the Universe” and “The Cosmic Fart” – how farts have the same atomic consistency as exploding Novas – and such. A lot of other stuff too, mixed with his music. Recorded 1968.
HA! FAT CHANCE - A young man’s fantasies and reality simply don’t jive. This is Meatball Fulton’s first radio play. It was produced at KPFA Pacifica Radio in Berkeley back in 1963. The actor who does T.J. Teru in “Ruby,” Bill, directed and plays one of the main characters along with Ruth, who later became one of the Android… Read more and listen »
HUMPHREY OSMOND – PSYCEDELIC MEMOIRS - Humphrey Osmond is one of the foremost experts on Psychedelics and drug-induced states of consciousness. He is also a psychiatrist of extra-ordinary experience and foresight and has helped to pioneer megavitamin therapy and to bring to doctors and laymen alike an awareness of the effects of institutional architecture and environment on the psychotic mind. He… Read more and listen »
JERRY GARCIA OF THE GRATEFUL DEAD - This interview is a bit eerie, almost gives me the creeps. It was recorded in 1970, and among the things that Jerry Garcia is talking about, in fact the main focus here, is the environment. Speak about Green?! I mean, wow, what he’s talking about is what’s happening now. In fact, it sounds like it… Read more and listen »
JIMI HENDRIX - This is a great interview. His vibrations were so strong they totally filled the room – you could see ‘em with your eyes, grainy texture, like molecules that swirled around him. When you listen to the sound of his voice, you’ll realize what an incredibly sensitive and gentle person he was. Here he talks about… Read more and listen »
JOURNEY TO THE EAST - A young man talks about his journey to the East, his experience in Nepal and Katmandu. “What’s Katmandu like? Can you imagine a head’s Disneyland?” He also explains how various types of hashish are made and tells of his experiences as an international hashish smuggler. Wrought with visual images, entertaining and educational…not to be puffed… Read more and listen »
JULIAN JAYNES – VOICES OF THE GODS - Julian Jaynes has taught at Yale, Princeton and Cambridge, England. He was trained as a behavioral psychologist but became interested in the development of consciousness…essentially mind and it’s place in nature. He feels that consciousness was not a development of animal evolution but came after language and was evolved in human culture. He found that… Read more and listen »
KEITH JARRETT - Over the past 40 years, Keith Jarrett has come to be recognized as one of the most creative musicians of our times – acclaimed as an improviser; a master of jazz piano; a classical keyboardist; and as a composer who has written hundreds of pieces for jazz groups, plus extended works for orchestra, soloist, and… Read more and listen »
KEN KESEY - A series of interviews done with the author of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Sometimes a Great Notion,” recorded in his home in Oregon. 1 – INTELLECT AND VIOLENCE Kesey’s reactions to Mt. Analogue by R. Dumal, and to the music of Dylan and Coltrane; an account of a meeting with Jean Genet… Read more and listen »
MEATBALL MEETS THE DINOSAUR - James Gurney, the author/illustrator of the four Dinotopia books, talks with Meatball Fulton about where his ideas come from, his fantasies and dreams, and even building flying machines. He tells of the time he “rode the rails” (sleeping in boxcars) from California to New York City, while stopping to sketch people and places along the… Read more and listen »
MEL BLANC – THA-THA-THAT’S ALL, FOLKS - Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny, Slyvester Cat, Tweety Bird, Frito Bandito, Speedy Gonzales, Yosemite Sam, Porky Pig and lots and lots of others running around in our heads; he tells of how he came to create each voice. He’s kind of a cartoon character himself. Fine, fine program. Recorded 1970.
QUATTLEBAUM AND THE TAROT CARDS - Quattlebaum, black mystic and psychic prankster, goes through the Tarot cards, explaining the symbolism of each card and straying now and then to tell a little psychic phenomena tale or two. A most intriguing tape, he really goes deeply into the Tarot in a serious, humorous, entertaining way. The character of “Mojo Sam, the YooDoo… Read more and listen »
RALPH ORTIZ – PIANO DESTRUCTION - Mr. Ortiz, a leader in the Destructivist Art Movement, demonstrates the power of axe as art, as he hacks to pieces a beautiful upright piano in an apartment in London. Great sounds as his axe comes down upon the keyboard. Two curators from the Tate Museum stand by observing and wisely commenting upon the progress… Read more and listen »
STEWART BRAND - The originator of “The Whole Earth Catalog” talks while whittling wood at Earth People’s Park in Vermont. Part 1:  Subjects covered include: Human relations, non-verbal communication, the doughnut-shaped world theory of the universe, changing names, changing back again, revolution, tribal ways, antidotes to media, and fame.  32 minutes. Part 2:  Subjects covered include:  Media religion,… Read more and listen »
SYD BARRETT OF THE PINK FLOYD - Meatball Fulton interviewed Syd Barrett in London back in 1967. Barrett was considered a creative genius. He wrote and/or cowrote 9 of the 11 songs on the Pink Floyd’s first album, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.” Barrett also came up with the group’s name, “The Pink Floyd.” Here Barrett talks of his painting,… Read more and listen »
THE FANTASTIC REALITY - P.J. Orte, the voice of Little Frieda, hosts this program on fantasy & reality and the fun we have when the two blend into one. This was originally done for NPR as a Halloween Special, but it has nothing to do with Halloween. It’s a pretty neat program with lots of snippets of our productions… Read more and listen »
THE LIFE AND HARD TIMES OF NORMAN NUMBNOTZ… - This is early Fulton, recorded in the late 60s. It’s a humorous view of high school in the early 1950s. As Meatball put it, “This is so outrageous, I don’t have the nerve to do anything like this now.” “TEENAGE PAIN” Norman, out with a hot cheerleader, desperately trying to find a place to park… Read more and listen »
U. UTAH PHILLIPS – HOW TO HOP A FREIGHT - Audio is available to subscribers only. SUBSCRIBE OR TRY FREE FOR 7 DAYS
YOKO ONO – AN EVENT - Avant garde artist and wife of John Lennon. The program contains a series of theatre pieces performed in London, recorded and mixed with the awe struck, bewildered and outraged comments of people in the audience as well as Miss Ono’s gentle explanations. No, Lennon was not there. Recorded in 1966 in London by Meatball Fulton.