3D Binaural Sound

Dr. Fritz’s Cabinet A binaural 3-dimensional sound series originally produced for National Public Radio, The Cabinet of Doctor Fritz is a collection of thrilling audio dramas that feel as though they’re being played out right inside your head. How can the sanctity of your cranium be so invaded? Well, you can put it down to Ku81, or “Fritz”. All the “Cabinet of Doctor Fritz ” stories were recorded in Kunstkopf binaural sound. Kunstkopf literally translated means “art head”, and refers to a German-manufactured recording device: a Ku81 solid rubber head with microphones set inside the inner ear chambers. Nicknamed “Fritz”, the Ku81 picks up sound so perfectly that when you listen to the recording you’ll be convinced that those heavy shuffling footsteps, demented little chuckles and wheezing gasps are six inches from the nape of your neck. Kunstkopf binaural sound reproduces wonderfully on stereo speakers, but for the full spine-chilling 3-D effect, try using headphones.