Sticks & O boy O boy O & The Bleeding Man

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O Boy, Bleeding Stick Man!

Three 3-D Mysteries Recorded in binaural sound. Three fun & frightening stories in one download – ?Sticks,? ?The Bleeding Man,? and ?O Boy O Boy O.?

by Karl Edward Wagner

An abandoned farmhouse, built upon an ancient stone foundation, is surrounded by sculptures of twisted sticks in the forms of bizarre crucifixes. A stone burial chamber and evidence of human sacrifice indicate that a prehistoric cult once lived there … and it soon becomes clear that they still do. 30 mins.

The Bleeding Man
by Craig Strete

From birth, a young Native American has been bleeding from his chest. The government keeps him locked in a cell. Refusing to heed his uncle?s warnings, the authorities ignorance leads to a devastating climax. This is a combination of 3D and stereo. It?s terrific. 12 minutes.

O Boy O Boy O
by M. Fulton

Set in tomorrow?s world where convicted criminals are let free if they allow their personalities to be erased and replaced by more ?acceptable? personalities. O Boy O, a personality programmer (and would-be writer), decides to create a living novel using real people (the criminals he?s reprogrammed). When he begins to create plots for his ?characters? to meet and interact with each other, his novel and his life begin to twist around each other. 30 minutes.

These stories were recorded using a special technique called Kunstkopf Binaural Sound. Developed in Germany by the Neumann Corporation, it?s a solid rubber head (nicknamed ?Fritz) with microphones planted in the inner ear chambers. Fritz ?hears? sound the same way as you: in front, behind, above, below, all around you. To experience this 3-Dimensional sound, please use your headphones.