Music of Tim Clark

music_of_tim_clarkWe started working with Tim Clark in the late 70s, that’s how far back we go. Tim has composed music for almost every series ZBS has produced. Over the years, we’ve received so many requests for his music that we asked Tim to put together many of the musical scores he created for Dinotopia and Ruby, besides some of his own work, like Blue Bamboo.

Blue Bamboo - Tim’s latest and loveliest. It’s certainly “cooled-out” music. Lyrical, lush, caressing your senses. It’s a trip to the tropics, but a kind of “fantasy tropics,” the kind you daydream about, swinging in a hammock, warm ocean breeze, scent of jasmine, gardenias, every muscle in your body emitting a soft sensual sigh. Can’t get much more… Read more and listen »
Dinotopia Suite - The composer, Tim Clark, has sifted through hours of music he created for Dinotopia and has woven together  the best of the best. This is some of the finest music Tim has ever done. He calls it a “Suite” and it sure is. Not only is Dinotopia a terrific book, an excellent story, lavishly illustrated,… Read more and listen »
Music from Dreams of Rio - Tim Clark has gone back to the original digital masters and assembled the haunting music he composed for the Jack Flanders series, Dreams of Rio. Includes the enchanting music from the mist shrouded Valley of the Crystal Skull. Tim also added sounds that he and Mr. Fulton recorded in the Amazon and the Pantanal. This… Read more and listen »
Myth - Have you admired the beautiful, ethereal music scores of ZBS Adventures? Have you also noticed that most of the music is composed by Tim Clark? As former composer-in-residence at both the Strasenburgh and McLaughlin Plantariums, Tim acquired the perfect background to write the celestial, soothing, and often haunting high-tech scores for ZBS’ classic productions of… Read more and listen »
The Music from Ruby 3 - We finally found a copy of “The Music from RUBY 3.” This was released shortly after RUBY 3 was on the air. It contains Tim Clark’s music from both “The Invisible World” and “The Underworld.” And it sounds wonderful! Here are all the great musical hits from RUBY 3, including, “Solar Sailing,” “The Orchids of… Read more and listen »
The Music from Ruby 4 - RUBY 4 is eight hours long, there’s hardly a moment without music. The composer, Tim Clark, has selected what he considers the best from each of the four stories, The Moon Coins of Santo Lore, The Turban of El Morya, Dark Night of the Reptoids, and Mad Moon for Rubina. We’re delighted to finally be… Read more and listen »
The Music from the Tookah’s Tales - Tim Clark created a lovely musical score to back the strange and amusing stories the Tookah relates to Ruby in RUBY 7.5, “The Tookah’s Tales.” We suggest you play this as “ambiance” while you are doing other things – answering emails, writing a novel, reading a book, sitting and thinking, or just slowly twiddling your… Read more and listen »
The Music of Steam Dreamers of Inverness - Tim Clark composed some wonderful music for the latest Jack Flanders series, “Steam Dreamers of Inverness.” The complete story is about 8 hours in length, and at least 7 of those hours have music. Tim spent some time sifting, distilling, combining, and remixing the music of “Steam Dreamers.” There are four separate movements, each reflecting… Read more and listen »
World Beneath Suite - This is the music from the second story in the Dinotopia series, The World Beneath. The composer, Tim Clark, has once again woven together an hour Suite that is just stunning. He feels this is some of the best work he’s ever done. I can’t even begin to describe it, you really have to hear… Read more and listen »