The Night Has Begun

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The Story

Polly Parker believes someone has put a curse on her fianc?, Clifford Barnett. Clifford and his partner, Alan Hendrix, are what?s called headhunters, they find executives to run companies. Polly suspects, and so does Dixon, this may be a real headhunters curse.

Dixon?s friend, Orpheus, knows all about curses. His business card states, ?Are You Cursed? See Orpheus, Curses Reversed!? But Orpheus won?t touch this one, it?s too real. He sends Dixon & Sparks to see Dr. Pew, an anthropologist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Delbert Pew has lived among the Asmat headhunters of Irian Jaya. While he takes them on a tour of the Met?s incredible collection of Asmat primitive art, Dixon exclaims, ?Oh my god, these things are alive!? Delbert confirms, ?The Asmat believe their ancestor?s spirits actually live within the works of art.?

When something bad happens, the Asmat believe it?s caused by someone else. And they are very good at ?restoring the balance,? that is, getting their revenge.

But a headhunter?s curse in Manhattan? Not likely. And yet, Hendrix and Barnett have been receiving frightening phone calls in the night. When Dixon & Sparks begin receiving calls on their cell phones, with strange gibberish and chanting, they suspect if this is an Asmat curse, then the primitive headhunters have gone hi-tech.

Note: If possible, use headphones.