Recipe For Murder Pt 2

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This is the second half of a series of eight mystery stories and is a co-production of CBC Radio and ZBS. The stories are rather congenial, like an Agatha Christie BBC mystery, a lot of fascinating and slightly eccentric characters, wonderful dialogue, an occasional body, with a gentle humor throughout.

The hero, Jean-Claude, is a young sous-chef living in Montr?al.

Each story deals with a different type of food. The writer, Don Druick, is a gourmet cook from Montr?al; his descriptions of various dishes and their preparation are so vivid, so enticing, there are times it?s almost painful to listen without wanting to run out and stuff yourself.

Since our own writer, M. Fulton, once worked at a radio station in Montr?al, and has a fondness for that city and it?s night life, he suggested we record on location; in the sidewalk caf?s, restaurants, the M?tro, the cobbled streets of Vieux Montr?al, wherever the scenes actually take place. The sound is wonderfully rich, especially hearing Montr?al in the summer … it?s visually stimulating, the descriptions are enticing, and the smells are exquisite.

Director-Bill Lane, Jean-Claude-Salvatore Migliore, Illustration-Greg Tucker, music-Tim Clark

Recipe for Murder, Part Two. Four stories (no problem, it?s in English) 2.5 hours.

Co-produced with the CBC.