More! Two Minute Film Noir Joe & Moe

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If you heard the first, ?2 Minute Film Noir,? then you know Joe & Moe, two guys sitting in a bar talking about women, cons, cops, capers & Lady Luck. The writer, Meatball Fulton, had so much fun writing the first Joe & Moe stories he decided to write 20 more.

Among the titles are: Chief Sitting Duck, an Indian who is always the fall guy; A Fine Lot of Lollipops, two punks make the mistake of hijacking a truck belonging to Big Louie, ?The Lollipop King?;The Three Kemo Sabes, Polish bank robbers who dress up like Tonto, wear a turkey feather headband, and speak in Pidgin Polish; Formerly, Fat Louie, an overweight mouthpiece for the mob encounters a steam roller; Miracles and Wonder Bread, the story of Skinny Rodriguez who was brought up on baloney, mayonnaise, and Wonder Bread. Plus, fifteen more stories! With the marvelous music of Tim Clark.