Even More! Two Minute Film Noir

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Even More! 2 Minute Film Noir Special Radio Version

Here are even more 2-3 minute noirs. If you own, More! 2 Minute Film Noir, you may notice that some of these you?ve already heard. But several of the stories, like ?Nightmare on Stool Pigeon Street,? have been retouched or totally redone with new music, different settings and effects. Plus, eleven of the stories are brand new!

We are having CDs duplicated for radio stations, and since we?ll have quite a few left over, we?re offering the CD for less than usual. Even if you already own, More! 2 Minute Film Noir, this Special Radio Version is a great bargain.

A few of the stories are: Fast & Furious; a robbery is taking place inside a bank, there?s gunfire outside in the street, a woman is caught in the bank?s revolving door, not knowing which way to go.

In Burgoyne & Pearl, Dolly gives away Louie?s old fedora not knowing that tucked in the sweatband is a locker key to Louie?s secret stash. 25 stories. 66 minutes.