Do That in Real Life?

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When Jack Flanders is being chased by a zombie, his phone rings. It?s his old friend, Mojo Sam, waking him from his nightmare and inviting him to New Orleans. ?No zombies down here,? Mojo chuckles. Strolling through the French Quarter, Jack notices a woman intently watching him. When their eyes meet, he suddenly realizes she is Claudine, from Montreal. But is she? Or has he just met a voodoo priestess who can shapeshift herself into the woman of his dreams?

To top things off, Jack meets a real zombie! No wonder Mojo was chuckling. The zombie is simply one of the dead that stroll about the French Quarter late at night. He wants to leave this world, and he needs Jack?s help.

The story isn?t scary. There is no skeleton fingers, reaching up out of a damp grave, grabbing your big toe. Remember, this is a city where they bury their dead above the ground.

It?s wonderfully rich with the sounds of New Orleans. The author, Meatball Fulton, roamed the French Quarter late at night recording the jazz clubs, the cafes, the street life, the revelers, and the riffraff.