Little Frieda’s Life Lessons

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Little Frieda comes from a race of beings whose purpose in the cosmos is to smoke cigars and, in their spare time, lend a hand, when possible, to humans who have gotten themselves into one kind of jam or another. When Jack Flanders came to Inverness and stumbled into the Fourth Tower, he embarked on a crash course of life lessons filled with sticky jams of all kinds. Little Frieda became his help-mate, keeping Jack alive and learning.

In addition to last minute, death-defying rescues, her mission included providing Jack with instruction on living a fulfilling life, but because they were constantly running away from dragons and things, she never had a chance to lay it all out. Now she does, in Little Frieda?s Life Lessons.

Drawing on her unusual skills and guided by the wisdom of her ancestors (including her poker-playing uncle, Lenny), the strange-eyed one with the pig-tails brings a new approach to the concept of ?self-help?, an approach that can best be summed up in her own words: ?We?re all alone together, so help yourself. I need it!? This one?s short, but sweet.