The Eye of Van Gogh

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Within the walls of Quebec City are invisible balls of energy that cause severe hallucinations-reality intensifies, becomes super-real, as though seeing through the eye of a Van Gogh-some people experience it as ecstatic visions, others as madness.

Jack, Mojo, and Dominique are trying to locate the source of these ?eyes?. When a little girl with dark glasses, pigtails, and a Havana cigar, is seen about town, Jack and Mojo suspect that their old friend, Little Frieda, is connected with these ?eyes?. But why is she avoiding them? Jack and Mojo try to catch the elusive little imp, but when La Petite Frieda senses danger, her pigtails rise straight up in the air, and she evades their elaborate traps. Finally, when she is swallowed by an eye, they realize things have gotten a bit out of hand.