Steam Dreamers of Inverness Part 3

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While traveling upon the great zeppelin, The Illuminato, Jack, Mojo, and Claudine discover an island floating in the sky. On the island is a giant stupa guarded by a woman who is part machine and part plant. Andola RUX 77 is the creation of the renowned scientist, Dr. Werner von Falkenstein, also known as The Mad Botanist!

Andola warned Jack & Mojo not to enter the stupa, but under orders from the zeppelin?s Captain they did, finding Dr. von Falkenstein?s skeleton within a sarcophagus. Alas, they have desecrated his sacred tomb.

After various twists and turns, Jack & Mojo end up with Andola in The Mad Botanist?s laboratory, along with bubbling beakers and sizzling bolts of electricity. They find themselves encased within two large glass domes, where they are gradually transformed into something not quite human. 2 hours.