Madonna in a Green Velvet Chair

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One dark & stormy night, a secret panel in the library of the Inverness mansion slowly slides open, and out steps the Madonna Vampyra! Where she has been, no one knows, where she is going, we?re about to find out.

The Madonna sits in Jack?s overstuffed green velvet armchair. She sighs, sinking into the soft goose down cushions. She remembers those who once lived in that old Victorian mansion – Lord Jowls, Lady Jowls, Little Frieda, Chief Wampum, Old-Far-Seeing-Art, Meanie Eenie, Dr. Mazoola, Jives the butler ? When the clock begins to strike midnight, the overstuffed chair begins to breathe. She struggles to get out as huge feathered wings unfold from the back of the green velvet chair. And then suddenly off they go ? flying away into the starry night.

Needless to say –

The Madonna is not happy about this, especially when she realizes they?ve set down in a jungle at night. She wonders, ?Is this some sort of stupid dream?? When morning comes, the Madonna pushes through the foliage and finds she?s on a street with hotels, restaurants, and caf?s. But the street is lined with only the ?fronts? of the buildings ? She is in a City of Facades. ?Is this a set for a movie?? But when she steps into the Caf? Conundrum, she discovers on the other side of the fa?ades, is an endless nothingness, an immense blank void.

Back in Inverness

Mojo is confronted by Zoey?s sister, Chloe, who feels Inverness has put a spell on her sister. While trying to get a signal for her cellphone, Chloe finds an old jukebox up in one of three towers of Inverness. It?s a classic Wurlitzer ?bubbler,? one of the most beautiful jukeboxes ever made. And it works! But this is no ordinary jukebox, as Homer finds out when he pushes a button titled ?Lila,? and is drawn into this Wurlitzer of Bewitchments!

77 Minutes