Orchids & Moonbeams

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Somewhere in the tropics, yet another beach resort is being built. The developers are planning to put a road through a valley the locals consider sacred, they believe a powerful Nature Spirit dwells there. As the developers bulldoze into the jungle, and the warm tropical rains continue, the jungle is sprouting up everywhere. At Maria?s Cafe, chairs are sprouting leaves, tables are growing roots, vines are creeping over the counter, and orchids are clinging to the walls. One morning, Mojo finds a snake coiled up on his chair, ?Oops, looks like this seat?s been taken.?

Jaguars are seen strolling through town, while spiders, iguanas, tree frogs, etc., are hopping and crawling everywhere. There?s even a parrot infestation. In the local bars, scarlet macaws snatch pretzels out of patron?s fingers. Meanwhile, Jack, Mojo, and Claudine are attempting to prove the Nature Spirit not only exists, she may have just begun to ?even the score.?