The Ghost Islands

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Jack, Claudine, Mojo and Dominique have docked in the small Caribbean town of San Miguel. At he Pelican?s Pouch, a local tavern, Mojo begins to hear stories of ghost islands that appear at certain times of the year. The locals feel it?s a good sign and make offerings in their little shrines. But this year, only one island has appeared.

Jack and Mojo soon discover there are beings from this island, fuzzy, cocoon in shape and transparent except to those who have the sight. They are called ?The Loc-an-oona,? (those who bless us). But for Jack and the gang, they get the nickname, ?The Fuzzy Ones.?

Bunny, a young girl who is traveling with them, does have the sight. When Bunny disappears, Jack & Mojo believe she?s gone to the island and try to land there, but it?s like stepping into a mirage. Later, along with Claudine and Dominique, they do land and explore this island and the strange buildings and bones that are there. When Jack discovers Claudine can speak ?Fuzzy tongue,? he begins to wonder, ?Can Claudine be one of Them?!?.

2 hours.