Steam Dreamers of Inverness Part 1

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Jack, Mojo and Claudine discover a strange device in the old Victorian mansion of Inverness; a holographic projector that operates on steam. The projector is loaded with glass slides, as they whirl around, a black & white photographic image is projected into the center of the room. The photo is of a town set in Victorian times. As they watch, different slides slip into the machine; they?re now seeing people, horses, and carriages; the men wear top hats, the women bustles. High above, hovering over the town, is a gigantic zeppelin.

With just the slightest intention, or desire, they can be anywhere within the town. They are so intrigued, so captivated, they begin to wonder, ?Can this become addictive?? Why was this room sealed away and kept secret? Over time, they can no longer discern whether the photographic images are real, or merely their own daydreams and desires. Within this strange room of swirling steam, shadows & light, they do not wish to wake up from this dream. 2 hours.