Somewhere Next Door To Reality

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Once again, Jack Flanders receives a call from his friend. Mojo Sam. In the Old City of Montreal, people have been disappearing, but in the strangest way. Sometimes your eyes can?t quite focus on a person, and then you notice, you can see right through them. When a friend of Mojo?s disappears, he asks Jack for assistance.

In the Old City of Montreal, with it?s cafe?s and cobbled streets, they come upon the ?Other City,? one that very few have every seen. It?s appearance is rare and totally at random. While Jack searches for a way to enter, he meets a mysterious woman who knows the secrets of the Other City. But she?s not sharing those secrets, in fact, she?s amused by his attempts as he keeps running into dead ends?she calls him ?Cul de sac Jack?.

And there?s also a blind street musician, his haunting accordion echoes down the narrow streets as he too appears and disappears into the Other City that may exist somewhere next door to reality.