Mojo’s Vest Pocket Voodoo Adventures

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Mojo receives a call from, ?The Whistle Stop Hobby Shop.? He?s told his pocket watch has arrived. It?s a gift from someone he?s never met, a man named ?Rufus.? But the pocket watch has no hands or numbers, just an opaque face that reminds Mojo of a Zombie?s eye.

Mojo is mistaken for the detective, Rufus. He?s hired to find Angelina, the missing sister of Philadelphia gangster, Tony Rizzo. By using his watch as a portal, Mojo is able to look beyond the veils of this world; he traces Angelina to a mysterious train called, ?The Voodoo Express.?

Mojo discovers that Rufus has his own personal Moriarty, a man by the name of Baron La Croix. The man is a master of his craft, he has dark powers, and a wicked sense of humor. Mojo is able to board the Voodoo Express, but getting Angelina off the train, that may mean leaping into hell and back. 1 hour.