Midnight at the Casa Luna

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While strolling home one warm Autumn-in-New-York eve, Jack wanders into a coffee shop, the Casa Luna, which has a habit of appearing and disappearing, taking the occupants with it. At midnight, the Casa Luna transforms itself and Jack is no longer in Manhattan, he?s somewhere in the tropics. Jack discovers his long lost uncle, the adventurer Sir Henry Jowls. Apparenlty, the person who lured Sir Henry into his present predicament is the infamous Madame Zee, also known as ?The Dragon Lady?.

Jack is lugging around a mysterious round, green stone in a bowling bag. He was told to deliver the stone to Sir Henry Jowls, but he can?t find him. Nor can he find the Casa Luna.

Jack has been having dreams about a celestial city, the fabled city of the Merkahbah. The Casa Luna does finally appear and Jack finds himself in a desert, at a small oasis village. And there, seated at a table, is Sir Henry Jowls! Except, it isn?t the same Sir Henry who persuaded Jack to steal the stone in the first place.

Jack meets the beautiful demoness, Leela, but she too is different. Sir Henry tells Jack the only way he can reach the fabled Merkahbah is to pass through the Twilight Realms of the Hungry Ghosts. So, with the mischievous Leela acting as a guide, Jack and Sir Henry journey into the land of the Hungry Ghosts. As Jack soon discovers, these ghosts are hungry indeed.