Do Angels Really Have Wings?

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The latest Jack Flanders adventure, and it certainly is different. Jack dies and goes to Heaven. While exploring the various levels of Heaven, he decides to visit Hell. And he does this while riding on his childhood bicycle, a classic Schwinn Cruiser. Along the way, he meets a talking dog, and few old friends who show him the heavenly sights.

While touring Hell, or what the locals call, the slums of heaven, Jack encounters a Demon who insists he pay for his sins. ?What sins?? Jack naively asks. The Demon unrolls a 12 foot scroll while announcing, ?Herein we have the endless indiscretions of Jonathan L. Flanders!? And then the Demon whispers, ?I?ve been waiting for you for a long, long time.?

Were you ever curious about what happens on The Other Side? We don?t have all the answers, but we do have some juicy ones. 1 hour.