The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders

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In the dead of night, a large shipping crate is delivered to the home of our hero Jack Flanders. Opening the crate, Jack discovers a green velvet overstuffed chair. Each night at the stroke of midnight, Jack sits in the soft, comfortable chair which comes alive, luring him onto its velvety realm. Everyday reality fades away, and Jack finds himself in a strange, other-world of magic, pirates, and sorcery where huge puffballs cling to ceilings and walls, masted sailing ships with wings fly the skies and islands float in the air?

The next time you settle into your favorite easy chair, you might want to test the cushions, or bring along a suitcase.

Like a modern day Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders is five hours of humorous fantasy adventure, with Robert Lorick as Jack Flanders and Dave Herman as the Narrator. Tim Clark, who composed the music for both of the Ruby series, has created some splendid, ethereal space/fantasy music.