Return To Inverness

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Jack has inherited the Inverness mansion from his late aunt, Lady Jowls. He?s also inherited the people that live there – the eccentric Lady Pompon and her quirky niece, Poodles; the mystic crow lady, Madame Trunknose; the caretaker, Old Far Seeing Art; the chef, Wham Bam Shazan, and more. The mansion has numerous hidden sliding panels that lead into a maze of passageways inside the hollow walls. Things are disappearing – clocks, furniture, teapots, sneakers – but whatever is taken is replaced with something else. When all of Jack?s clothes vanish, he finds his closet filled with 1930?s safari outfits. So, Jack now wanders about Inverness looking as though he?s just returned from an African safari.

A strange energy is increasing as the moon becomes full. It appears to be emanating from the ruins of an old temple with seven pillars standing in a circle. The ground trembles as the energy slowly spreads out until it reaches the mansion, and then cups, lamps, laptop computers and even overstuffed chairs begin to float about.

Madame Trunknose believes the energy may be the awakening of a pagan god that dwells within the mountain. Jack calls his old friend, Mojo Sam the Youdo Man, to help save Inverness before this energy shakes everything apart. But then he hears the voice of Little Frieda coming from that strange Fourth Tower that few have ever seen. Jack enters the tower, where he not only finds Little Frieda, but also those shape-shifting demons known as the dreaded ?Rakshasas!?

The beautiful and enticing Madonna Vampyra returns to tempt poor Jack, and even the long dead Dr. Mazoola suddenly appears! Tim Clark provides the exquisite music, while Mojo tickles the ivories as he once did in Morocco. It?s a 6 hour feast.