Tropical Hot Dog Night

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The Story:
Jack Flanders and his crew sail to Key Milagro, an island that?s often referred to as, ?Key Diablo!? A mysterious fog moves in at night, sucking out all the color, and everything becomes black & white. The next day, no one can recall exactly what happened.

The fog returns night after night. The islanders seem normal during the day, but at night they dress up in clothes from the 40s and 50s; slinky sequined dresses, double-breasted suits, fedoras and trench coats.

But there is one person who may know exactly what?s going on, his name is Johnny Seven. His bookshop, ?Johnny Seven?s Private Eye,? sells only detective/crime/mystery novels and also rents videos of black & white film noir.

Soon our heroes, Jack, Claudine, Mojo, Dominique and Rose find themselves playing characters that are dressed to kill. 100 minutes.