25 Apr

The White Castle

FV4This is the final voyage of Captain Jack Flanders. Jack and his crew accept an invitation from an eccentric billionaire who has built a castle on a Caribbean island. What first appears to be a replica of a medieval fortress turns out to be a very high tech castle, with robot personal valets, and rooms with floor-to-ceiling plasma screens playing scenes of Bali, India, Morocco, Brazil and the Amazon. There’s even a tiger that roams the plasma walls of the Sumatra Room.

Jack finds it curious that these are all places where he and Mojo have had adventures. In the middle of the night, their “personal demons” begin to appear, first in their dreams, and then right before their eyes. What began in a dream is now materializing in the corridors of the White Castle.

2 hours.

For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio adventure, adventure radio drama, radio mysteries and exotic metaphysical mysteries.

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