Tired of the Green Menace?

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This is the very first Ruby story. Ruby Tuesday (that?s what she was called) is hired by a Colonel Abulah Abdullah of the star cluster, Saudi Asteroidia, to find Cleo, a missing planet. The Colonel, a robot, has created a miniaturized replicate of himself to fit into a cigarette case. Whenever Ruby opens the case, the Colonel gives his opinion.

Ruby travels to the planet Dong-A-Long, to confer with a company that can move small asteroids, to see if it?s possible to move a planet. The Dong-A-Longese, all green, are all named Fong, and they all consider themselves detectives. Ruby realizes there?s much more behind this mystery when she encounters the villainous, Forked Forefinger of Fong.

One of the unique things about this first Ruby is she uses real cuss words now and then. It takes you by surprise, it?s hilarious. You?ll hear how Ruby evolved. Besides the Green Menace, there?s also four different pilot episodes. When we decided to do Ruby in short, daily episodes, we did a commercial pilot with disco/rock music mixed nice and hot. In these two pilots, ?Rebel from Utopia,? her name is Ruby Starr. The third pilot, we did for an arts grant (which we got), and the final pilot, that none of you have ever heard, is backed by a rock band and produced by Roma Baran (producer for performance artist Laurie Anderson). All of these stories are in Stars & Stuff, except for the last pilot. Laura, the voice of Ruby, is in every story, and so is Tom, the voice of Kapoor. Wait?ll you hear Kapoor, he was really slippery and sneaky back then.