Ruby 5: The Land of Zoots

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Why are the natives of the Awakening Archipelago turning their islands into a wacky world based on a story called, The Land of Zoots?

On one island they?re growing feathers on everything, trees, buildings, fireplugs, even themselves. On another, they have created Bubblesville, where the inhabitants live in round rainbow colored bubbles that float about. On another island, they?ve built The Twelve Talking Noses of Zoots. On yet another, the nomadic inhabitants live in big inflatable toes.

President Coonstar Bootstah of the Awakening Archipelago has hired Ruby to find out who created the story of the mythical Land of Zoots. It?s never existed as a book, film, on tv or the Net, how did it get into everyone?s consciousness?

As Ruby goes island hopping, she encounters a truly eccentric bunch of characters including: Mr. Mollusk, a large scholarly clam; the Terminator Teddys, furry little robot teddy bears that abduct Kapoor and make him their Papa; Mr. Bubbles, creator of Bubblesville; Professor Magnolia Warbler, colorful inventor of the feather formula; Professor Toto LeToe, inventor of the inflatable toes; the nefarious Mr. Foo Foo, and Teru?s factory fresh android, the hot new prototype from the highly secretive Isis Project, the vivacious, Angel Eyes.

All this sizzles in the hot sauce of Tim Clark?s wild Retro-Future Music.