The Android Sisters – Pull No Punches

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If you support the policies of the president and his administration, don?t buy this. But if you are less than delighted with Pres & Co., then get this … you?re going to hoot and stomp your feet and slap the side of your head. It?s pretty hot stuff.

These are ?speak-songs? – the Android Sisters talk their songs. They?re ?audio cartoons,? humorouos snapshots of life, liberty, lies and the prusuit of someone else?s happiness. Some of the topics are, ?How to make your very own puppet government,? and, ?The Free Market for me means the Flea Market for you,? and , ?Guess who is the Evil Empire now, Hmmmm??

A few titles are: ?B.B. Brain & the Polecats,? ?Hey, Cheese Nose!? ?That Man is Dangerous,? ?He Knew,? and ?Cowboys & Arabs?. It?s Satire with a toothy bite. In fact, some of the words are so outrageous, writer Meatball Fulton decided to keep ZBS free of any direct involvement. He Paid for 100% of the production costs out of his own thread bare pocket. ?Better they haul away one person, than the whole blessed organization,? he quipped. Hmm, not a bad idea.