Ruby 7: Dream Weaver, Dream Deceiver

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Ruby, Teru and Rodant Kapoor, arrive on the planet of M?bius-Morpheus, a planet of dreamers. The Morpheusians believe that since life is a dream, they may as well dream up their own dreams. But something is happening, they are experiencing for the first time in their life, Fear. They suspect humans, who tend to be fearful, and also turn everything into a commodity, are behind this. Ruby is hired to find out who, how and why?

And/Or is getting married to Angel Cheeks, a Half & Half (half android, half human). Angel Cheeks is a Professor of Archeology, she also wears pink skin tight ultra spandex. Prof. Cheeks and Prof. Teru are searching for the Master Dream Machine used by the ancient Morpheusians. Moliere, Chief of the Mole People, and his clan arrive and the digging begins. In a bar called Slippery Nick?s Naughty Nebulae, Ruby stumbles upon her old friend the Tookah, four tentacles, three eyes, a thin blue mustache and wearing a red fez.

When Teru, Cheeks, and the Moles do discover the Master Dream Machine, it turns everything up side down. By the way, the Slymies, genetically engineered assassins, are back and looking for Ruby. The Android Sisters are also back with eight new speak-songs!