The Android Sisters Greatest Hits

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And here they are, those fabulous, fantastic, pink plastic females, speak/singing their way into our teflon hearts. We?ve included only the most intriguing, outrageous, mind-damaging songs the Android Sisters have speak/sung over the years, songs from all the Rubys they appeared in, plus the cream from their album, Songs of Electronic Dispair. No clunkers in here, only sheer brilliance, only the very Best of the Best. Track listing includes: ?Fool Around and Score?, ?Who Nose??, ?Sacred Cows?, ?Electric Sheep?, ?Barking Up the Wrong Tree?, ?Money, Money, Money?, ?Filthy Little Minds?, ?Sss-X Minus One? and many, many more. A full CD packed with some of Meatball?s most inspired moments. 24 songs in total!