Ruby 6.5: Far Flung Farouk

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She?s back! In fact, the whole gang is back: the feisty archaeologist, T.J. Teru; the cool & collected techie, And/Or; & the toothy grinning little, Rodent Kapoor? ?er Rodant Kapoor. The gang returns to the planet of Illuboo Roi, a planet inhabited by wise & waddley, pear-shaped peoples.

Far Flung Farouk is a desert kingdom that few Illuboos have ever seen, & so it is a great honor for Teru being invited by Prince Hee Haw Bop to be the first to open the forbidden tombs of the ancient Phar-Oops of Far Farouk. Of course, the Prince fails to mention the Black Curse of the Phar-Oops, a curse created by Phar-Oop the 14th half-crazed Court Jester, Wop Wop Bop. Well, curses never stopped Ruby and so- in they go, deep beneath the circular mountain kingdom of Far Farouk, searching for ancient artifacts & royal knickknacks. What they discover are the gigantic sarcophagi of all fourteen Phar-Oops, including their round, rolling mummies and of course, they all discover, the dreaded Black Curse! Eeee