Ruby 6: The Illusionati

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Lilluboo Roi is a desert planet inhabited by pale, pear shaped beings with pointed heads. Ruby has been hired by Oop Boop, an Illuboo, to uncover a secret society known as ?The Illusionati.? Are they manipulating the minds of the gentle Illuboo? Or do they exist only in Oop Boop?s paranoid mind? The Digital Circus has been invited to Illuboo Roi to perform in the capital city of Big Bassoon. Ruby, Teru, And/Or and Rodant Kapoor travel incognito as performers in this strange circus of mechanical beasts, androids, and eccentric techies.

Rodant become a clown. Teru passes himself off as a Full Professor of Puns (he hates puns). Her Angelness, a Barbie-dollish android, performs atop an inflatable beast. But it?s Ruby who is the main event as she performs a mock battle with ?The Dark Angel of Doom.?

Someone is sabotaging Kapoor?s act. Someone is trying to kill the sneaky little rodent. Can it be Cream Puff the Clown? Meanwhile Doppelgangers (grown out of icky bio-flesh) may be replacing influential Illuboos like Ambassador Woogie, Lord and Lady Boom Boom-Bassoon, and maybe even Oop Boop. It?s enough to make anyone a bit paranoid.