RUBY 9 – Masque of the Red Moon

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Ruby is hired to find who or what has caused a plague in the city of Aberdeen Dundee on Victoria Moon. And/Or, T.J. Teru, and Rodant Kapoor, join Ruby as they explore this eccentric retro-Victorian society where everyone is pretending to be someone else.

In Aberdeen Dundee, known as The City of Lost Illusions, the people have moved into the catacombs beneath the city. They all wear masks, and the masks are alive!

Pretending to be a crackpot inventor by the name of Professor Farking Foots-Foots, T.J. Teru is commissioned to build a submersible for the The Hoochie Coochie Man. The submarine has an odd name, Mister Coochie is calling it, The Red Herring.

Also incognito, And/Or is managing a circus called, Carking Cowputter?s Coronation Circus and Mechanical Menagerie. But most surprising of all, Rodant Kapoor has opened a swanky nightclub called, Chez Rodant.

Meanwhile the plague continues to spread out across the moon.