The Ultimate ZBS Experience!

Hi-Res USB

This is not just about listening to our stories, this is about owning our stories on a USB. USB drives are small, mobile, they can be used on computers & other devices.

ZBS “Hi-Res” sound is superb, it’s identical to a CD. “High-Resolution” means 16-bit AIFF, 44.1 kHz. The sample rate for most music & podcast is 128 kbps (kilobits per second). But with Hi-Res, the sample rate is 1,411 kbps. A significant difference. Will you hear the difference? With headphones, or a good sound system, you certainly will.

But Hi-Res will use up a lot of space (the same as a CD). It is ideal for the Audiophile, someone who appreciates the attention we give our productions. You will hear much more detail & depth of sound.

Maple Box

Our Hi-Res USBs come in a lovely laser-engraved maple wood box. Yes, real maple. It is a fine wooden box, with a tiny magnet that keeps the lid snapped shut. Or, as Little Frieda might exclaim, “Wowie Zowie!”

For prices & details, see our USB catalog at Or go directly to Hi-Res USB. (clicking on either will take you to our website,