27 Apr

Saratoga Springs: Original Radio Version

SSSaratoga Springs, Life in Small Town America.

Is this the charming town, known for it’s spas, horse racing and potato chips?  What happens to Zippy, the mail lady, when White Boy rick talks her into trying his famous “magic mushrooms?”  Was Zippy really chased down Broadway by Breughel’s infernal Bagels from Hell?  And what about Born Again Billie and the devilish Domingo Buster Bugatti, or the wealthy widow Penny Nicholson-Dimes?  There’s the bank manager, Ducks Quackenbush; the ex-bookie Blue Jaw Magoon; CIA-trained Weasel Ricardo; Ila Mae of the Road Kill Café; and Lena Spencer, founder of Caffe Lena.  Plus, Gypsy Markoff, New Age Nancy, that southern belle, Baby Jasmine Honeysuckle, and her spirit guide, Chief Buffalo Chip, and the ice cream man, Mr. Stiffy.  How real are these characters?  6.5 hours.

“Saratoga Springs, a sort of avant-garde Peyton Place without the angst … fascinating, thoroughly offbeat … handled with a light touch and a good deal of whimsy.”  – Weekly Variety.

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