Ruby: Gumshoe

rubyRUBY is the most popular story we’ve ever created. The original RUBY was produced in three minute daily episodes for drive-time radio (when people are driving to and from work). That’s why she’s so quick and snappy. The idea was to create a radio drama that was like a song: music mixed hot, three minutes, self-contained, to hop out of the radio, grab your attention and be gone… but leaving you with something to ponder.

Ruby 1: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe - RUBY is fast-paced and funny intergalactic entertainment the Marx Brothers would be proud of, with slick, splashy high-tech music and effects created by Tim Clark. The music and sound effects are stunning. On the planet Summa Nulla (the “high point of nothing”) someone is manipulating the media. And Ruby, our hip, tough-talking detective is hired… Read more and listen »
Ruby 2: The Further Adventures - Two female gumshoes join forces when the original Ruby returns to assist Ruby 2 to sleuth out who has been “windowing” the peaceful, zen-like Bulldada. Strange “windows” appear in the minds of the Bulldada. Is it an alien presence that is using the Bulldada’s eyes as windows? Is it an insidious device controlled by the… Read more and listen »
Ruby 3 - Ancient Sumerian mythology and other mystical gems weave throughout this taut galactic gumshoe extravaganza. The Underworld: Ruby, our feisty super-sleuth with an overdose of sass, has been hired to investigate a distinctly evil force that is seeping through the walls of Magnifico, the City of Malls. Meanwhile Inanna is on her own trip into the… Read more and listen »
Ruby 4 - Part 1 – “The Moon Coins of Sonto Lore” Ruby is hired to find the moon coins of Sonto Lore, the mythical fourth moon of Summa Nulla that some believe still orbits and influences the planet. When Ruby, Teru, And/Or and Kapoor travel to a planet of scaly reptilian creatures called Reptoids, Teru discovers a… Read more and listen »
Ruby 5: The Land of Zoots - Why are the natives of the Awakening Archipelago turning their islands into a wacky world based on a story called, The Land of Zoots? On one island they’re growing feathers on everything, trees, buildings, fireplugs, even themselves. On another, they have created Bubblesville, where the inhabitants live in round rainbow colored bubbles that float about.… Read more and listen »
Ruby 6: The Illusionati - Lilluboo Roi is a desert planet inhabited by pale, pear shaped beings with pointed heads. Ruby has been hired by Oop Boop, an Illuboo, to uncover a secret society known as “The Illusionati.” Are they manipulating the minds of the gentle Illuboo? Or do they exist only in Oop Boop’s paranoid mind? The Digital Circus… Read more and listen »
Ruby 6.5: Far Flung Farouk - She’s back! In fact, the whole gang is back: the feisty archaeologist, T.J. Teru; the cool & collected techie, And/Or; & the toothy grinning little, Rodent Kapoor… ‘er Rodant Kapoor. The gang returns to the planet of Illuboo Roi, a planet inhabited by wise & waddley, pear-shaped peoples. Far Flung Farouk is a desert kingdom… Read more and listen »
Ruby 7: Dream Weaver, Dream Deceiver - Ruby, Teru and Rodant Kapoor, arrive on the planet of Möbius-Morpheus, a planet of dreamers. The Morpheusians believe that since life is a dream, they may as well dream up their own dreams. But something is happening, they are experiencing for the first time in their life, Fear. They suspect humans, who tend to be… Read more and listen »
Ruby 7.5 – The Tookah’s Tales - Ruby steps into a tavern, The Tickley Tentacle,” and discovers her old friend, the Tookah, behind the bar polishing glasses. Ruby entices the Tookah to tell his strange tales of what it’s like to live on other planets, especially if you have four tentacles, three eyes, a thin blue mustache, and wear a red fez.… Read more and listen »
RUBY 8 – The Good King Kapoor! - Wherever Rodant Kapoor attempts to hide in this vast universe of ours, his Mother always finds him. So when the Techno-Witches, Onoffon and Offonoff, ask Kapoor to try out “The Rapturizer,” a device they’ve invented that’s based on “The Rapture” (where one ascends into Heaven), Kapoor gladly accepts. He steps into, “The Rapturizer,” and Poof,… Read more and listen »
RUBY 9 – Masque of the Red Moon - Ruby is hired to find who or what has caused a plague in the city of Aberdeen Dundee on Victoria Moon. And/Or, T.J. Teru, and Rodant Kapoor, join Ruby as they explore this eccentric retro-Victorian society where everyone is pretending to be someone else. In Aberdeen Dundee, known as The City of Lost Illusions, the… Read more and listen »
Ruby 9.5 – Who Knows How This Ends? - Deep in the jungles of the Great Zeezeeboos, on the planet of Summa Nulla, is the spiral city of Oroboros, once known as The City of the Future But the future has passed, Oroboros has been abandoned. Ruby receives a message from Toots Mutant of the Zoot Mutants claiming that And/Or and the Digital Circus… Read more and listen »
Ruby 10 – The Black Star of Summa Nulla - Audio is available to subscribers only. SUBSCRIBE OR TRY FREE FOR 7 DAYS
Ruby Refreshed, The Complete Series - Tim Clark has completed re-creating the music for Ruby, the Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe. It’s taken a couple years to finish this project. We believe it’s been worth the wait. Tim didn’t actually change the music, he enhanced it. When Ruby was produced in 1981, we had synthesizers but not computers, not the marvelous… Read more and listen »
Tired of the Green Menace? - This is the very first Ruby story. Ruby Tuesday (that’s what she was called) is hired by a Colonel Abulah Abdullah of the star cluster, Saudi Asteroidia, to find Cleo, a missing planet. The Colonel, a robot, has created a miniaturized replicate of himself to fit into a cigarette case. Whenever Ruby opens the case,… Read more and listen »
The Android Sisters Greatest Hits - And here they are, those fabulous, fantastic, pink plastic females, speak/singing their way into our teflon hearts. We’ve included only the most intriguing, outrageous, mind-damaging songs the Android Sisters have speak/sung over the years, songs from all the Rubys they appeared in, plus the cream from their album, Songs of Electronic Dispair. No clunkers in… Read more and listen »
The Android Sisters – Pull No Punches - These are ‘speak-songs” – the Android Sisters talk their songs. They’re “audio cartoons,” humorouos snapshots of life, liberty, lies and the prusuit of someone else’s happiness. Some of the topics are, “How to make your very own puppet government,” and, “The Free Market for me means the Flea Market for you,” and , “Guess who… Read more and listen »
Ol’ Cactus Kapoor - Nine humorous tales of the sneaky but oddly beloved little Rodant Kapoor. Ol’ Cactus Kapoor – Rodant dresses up as a cactus in order to catch some ornery cattle rustlers. But he finds he needs to redesign his disguise. The Colossal Kapoor – Following the advice of a TV commercial, Rodant orders a case of… Read more and listen »
The Music from Ruby 3 - We finally found a copy of “The Music from RUBY 3.” This was released shortly after RUBY 3 was on the air. It contains Tim Clark’s music from both “The Invisible World” and “The Underworld.” And it sounds wonderful! Here are all the great musical hits from RUBY 3, including, “Solar Sailing,” “The Orchids of… Read more and listen »
The Music from Ruby 4 - RUBY 4 is eight hours long, there’s hardly a moment without music. The composer, Tim Clark, has selected what he considers the best from each of the four stories, The Moon Coins of Santo Lore, The Turban of El Morya, Dark Night of the Reptoids, and Mad Moon for Rubina. We’re delighted to finally be… Read more and listen »
The Music from the Tookah’s Tales - Tim Clark created a lovely musical score to back the strange and amusing stories the Tookah relates to Ruby in RUBY 7.5, “The Tookah’s Tales.” We suggest you play this as “ambiance” while you are doing other things – answering emails, writing a novel, reading a book, sitting and thinking, or just slowly twiddling your… Read more and listen »