World Sounds

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Recorded by Connie Kieltyka & Bob Bielecki

These are sounds recorded all over the world by two superb sound recordist. They traveled about Brazil, the Amazon, Africa, China, Venezuela, Peru, Nepal, India, and the U.S. We?ve used many of these sounds in our own productions, especially the Jack Flanders adventures. Not only are these great sounds, beautifully recorded, but it?s also a nice way to sit back, cool out, and marvel at the natural sounds of this amazing planet of ours. 67 minutes.
(Installation at Whitney Museum NYC)

Track Listing
Track 1 – ?Kenya? 14:48

Early morning, Crater Lake
Masai ? grandfather and grandson
Ceremonial dance
Underwater hydraphones (microphones)
Nairobi ? outdoors
Factory pounding metal
Stick dance
Night time
Crickets & jet plane
Track 2 – ?Transportation? 11:53

Amazon ? Howler monkeys
Train ? Sao Paulo
Hong Kong – School
Brazil ? Jet
Nepal Buddhist Temple
Venezuela frogs
Camels – Rajasthan
India ? ocean
Track 3 – ?Whitney Mix? 39:39

Night, upstate New York
Whippoorwill – Ohio
Thunderstorm – Adirondacks
African drumming
Howlers ? Amazon
Tweety bird ? Amazon
Pacific ocean ? San Francisco
Mason building a wall ? Peru
Oxcart caught in mud, sound of leather
Chanting ? Nepal
Frogs ? Venezuela
Bull frogs ? Venezuela
Frogs ? Amazon
Birds ? Kenya
Floating on Ganges ? India