Ruby 2: The Further Adventures

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Two female gumshoes join forces when the original Ruby returns to assist Ruby 2 to sleuth out who has been ?windowing? the peaceful, zen-like Bulldada.

Strange ?windows? appear in the minds of the Bulldada. Is it an alien presence that is using the Bulldada?s eyes as windows? Is it an insidious device controlled by the electronic media, another way to manipulate the malleable minds of the gullible consumers? The story winds its way through the narrow, dusty streets of Kismet, the Nomadic city, to the fierce desert known as the Great Boosbooszees, to the Ossirian Islands and the delicate glass palaces of the Bulldada.

Filled with bizarre characters and absurd situations, RUBY 2 is like an audio comic strip. It?s definitely the zaniest and funniest of all the Rubys.

Will Ruby defeat the detractors of the truth and protect the perspectives of the credulous consumers, or desiccate in the dreadful desert of the Great Boosbooszees?