25 Apr

Ol’ Cactus Kapoor

RFKNine humorous tales of the sneaky but oddly beloved little Rodant Kapoor.

Ol’ Cactus Kapoor – Rodant dresses up as a cactus in order to catch some ornery cattle rustlers. But he finds he needs to redesign his disguise.

The Colossal Kapoor – Following the advice of a TV commercial, Rodant orders a case of “Extract of Big Louie” to make himself taller. Not satisfied with the results, he drinks the entire case.

The Seven Sacred Sapphires of Kapoor – Rodant encounters a couple of Wizards guarding an ancient statue of a goddess with seven precious sapphires. The statue looks a lot like – his mother?

Also included: Judge Rodant & The Rest of The Rats, Extract of Little Fooie, The Purple Purse, The 12 Famous Land Sharks School, Trader Kapoor & The Woolie Boolies, and How Real Is Real Anyway? 1 hour.

​​​For fans of radio dramatization, sci fi radio drama, audio theater, funny short stories, and radio drama stories.

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