Latest Auction – Stars & Stuff Master Tapes

These are the Masters, ¼ inch, 2 track stereo, 10.5” reels @ 15 ips.  There are 18 tapes.

These are the original Masters.  When S&S was first released on radio, it was a ten one-hour series.  It had Jack Flanders in “Ah Ha! Phenomena” and the first ever Ruby, “Tired of the Green Menace?”  However, when we moved our recording studio, we lost “Ah Ha!”  But we do have Ruby’s original “Green Menace.”

There are so many stories in “Stars & Stuff” – Wino Willie, Rocket Pierre (4 stories with Little Frieda), The Tongue That Licked Tucson, Boogie Boogie to the Stars, The Cheese Men of Mars, The Thing That Ate Aunt Sophie, and many more.

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The auction will end on Monday, Feb 12 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

Your bid will help ZBS Foundation to continue on and on.