50 Years of ZBS   

“I never thought I’d live to see this.”

I wonder who was the first to say that?

I believe it’s been around for a while and has covered a lot of dire events. We’re living in one at the moment.

It also can be a bit more upbeat, like – “I never thought I’d live to see 50 years of ZBS!’” Holy moly.

We got together in 1970, we were a group of radio people, we produced shows for public and community radio, and we’re still here. In fact, I was hoping to get the original Zeeber gang back together for a 50th anniversary, but now …


Mr. Fulton has been wishing he could get the actors back into the studio. He has a new series ready to record, Mojo’s Café for Lost Dreamers. The series has twelve short stories that take place in Mojo’s cordial little coffee shop. His café is really a refuge from reality.


Fulton is also writing a new series, “Ruby 11.” This is misleading since there are 14 Ruby stories, and this will be the 15th. It is a two-hour adventure, the working title is – The Little Fritzi.

Fulton tells us, it will be a “not-quite-so-loud Ruby.” He assures us she’ll be as feisty as ever, but the overall story will have less, “Boom! Boom! KABOOM!” It takes place on Ruby’s home planet of Summa Nulla.

Besides Ruby, there will be And/Or, the techie; T.J. Teru, the archaeologist (still digging up the mind-stretching games once played by the ancient Nullians); and of course Ruby’s favorite, the lovable rat-like Rodant Kapoor.

The story is set in a city called, Siddhi Infini, it’s an oasis deep in the Great Desert. A young girl is missing, Ruby is hired to find her. She comes from a race that can suspend their growth, though she appears to be about eleven years old, the Little Fritzi may be much, much older.


We have two series that can now be heard on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play – The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders, and Ruby 3, The Underworld & The Invisible World. We have made a few changes, both of the series now have a host.  They are free.  You’ll find it on Apple – Ruby 3 and Incredible Adventures of Jack.


Over the years, people have told us our stories have a “healing quality” about them. They weren’t referring to “feel-good endings,” but to the substance of the story, and to the way the characters interact, the way they treat each other. Even when they’re bashing one another, there’s still an undercurrent of kindness.

We at ZBS have always felt this way, it’s how we see life … 1. Try to keep our sense of humor.  2. Try to be kind to others. That is, be kind to people, plants, animals, trees, the earth, the sky, even the clouds. It’s something we all can do. Being treated with kindness has a healing effect. And it may even make a cloud feel good too.

We hope our stories will continue to help others in this crazy, beautiful world of ours.

If you can help ZBS to continue on, we’ll be here for you.

Thomas Lopez

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