27 Apr

Saratoga Noir

saratoga_noirSaratoga Springs has an amazing history, the oldest racetrack in the country, the old gambling casinos, the spas and healing spring waters, and all those shady characters.

The Story Danny Boyee is a private investigator who is barely paying the rent. He’s hired to find a Balinese pussy wearing a very expensive diamond collar. Vicki Millhouse, an ex-showgirl who married into old Saratoga money, hires Danny to find her kidnapped cat. But something that appears so simple, quickly turns into danger and intrigue for unsuspecting Danny Boyee.  2 hours.

The Comic Strip And as a special bonus, the audio comes with a comic strip drawn by Genevieve Shapiro. Her wonderful cartoon style captures the elegance of the audio, it’s a great companion for the series.


Download the complete comic strip
(23.6MB Zip file)

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