Sounds and Drama

sound_dramaThe “Sounds & Drama” category is reserved for stories that are slightly more serious. They range from original stories to adaptations. You’ll find some of the best work here. Some of these stories have won numerous awards.

The “Sounds” are simply that, sounds that we love.

World Sounds - Recorded by Connie Kieltyka & Bob Bielecki These are sounds recorded all over the world by two superb sound recordists. They traveled about Brazil, the Amazon, Africa, China, Venezuela, Peru, Nepal, India, and the U.S. We’ve used many of these sounds in our own productions, especially the Jack Flanders adventures. Not only are these great… Read more and listen »
The Taj Express - M. Fulton embarked on a pilgrimage to the cities & locations where these stories take place, to record the ambient sounds: from the foothills of the Himalayas, to the lively markets of Old Delhi, to Madras, Bangalore, & the back alleys of Bombay. The stories include, The Blackmailer, Lost Directions, Initiation, The Hungry Stones, Jahanavi,… Read more and listen »
Aura - When Felipe Montero answers an ad, he meets an old woman, perhaps over a hundred years old, and her young niece Aura. But does the beautiful Aura actually exist? This is a strange, dreamy, haunting story. Recipient of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting award for Best Radio Drama. ​​For fans of audio drama, radio drama,… Read more and listen »
A Night on the Rio Negro - Picture this … a thousand miles into the Amazon, a giant white moon, water gently lapping against the sandy beach, the night calls of tropical birds. If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the Amazon but thought, “I don’t like big snakes,” or “Can I recharge my iPod?,” we’ve got the sounds for you. Fulton &… Read more and listen »
Ultimate Thunderstorm in 3D-Sound - July is thunderstorm month in these foothills of the Adirondacks where we live. Last July we recorded several thunderstorms with Fritz, the binaural microphone that captures sound that surrounds you. We put together the ultimate thunderstorm, you’ll hear growls and rumbles that pass not just from left to right, but front and back and right… Read more and listen »