The Explorer’s Guide to the Whirlitzer of Wisdom

I swear, this is it.  I’m almost embarrassed to mention this because about two years ago we found a rare (and we thought the only) Whirlitzer of Wisdom game we possessed.  We had an auction, and off it went.  Then some months ago, we found yet another set, and once again announced this is it, definitely no more.  We had an auction, and off that went.  And that was that.  Except …

Two weeks ago, we were cleaning out storage shelves by the office, the last place that hadn’t been swept clean in decades, and fallen behind a stack of dusty books, there it was!  Yet again.  Except … this is different.

It’s a bigger box, and it has more diskettes, 7 in total.  And 5 are still in original shrink wrap.  But before I go any further, let me explain.

What It Is

This is a computer game based on the Wurlitzer of Wisdoms in “The Fourth Tower of Inverness.”  It was created for ZBS.  We used to offer it in our catalogs.  In fact, it is so rare, so precious, practically no one can play the game.  Not that it’s difficult, but you need an earlier Mac to play it.  This copy (this is it, the only one we have) has never been played (the 5 major diskettes are still shrink wrapped).


That’s right, there are three diskettes, “Wisdom” “Insight” and “Pyramidion.”  Here’s a description from the game’s Whirlitzer booklet.

Welcome to the Land of the Lotus Jukebox.  You are about to enter a slight fissure in the ether, a little known wormhole that will give you access to ancient esoteric wisdom, perhaps personal insight and possible moments of pure enlightenment.  

Is the Whirlitzer of Wisdom an oracle, or a vehicle?  It can take you far, to deep within yourself, and to places far outside your treasured protective shell.  No two listeners of this Jukebox will ever hear the same song. 

This book will guide you in the use of the Jukebox.  Heed its directions, absolutely, and the Whirlitzer of Wisdom will unfold the universe within your eyes.  You may be very surprised at what you find.  It only costs a nickel.  We’ll even give you an ample supply for the trip.

(Note:  We think the game was released 1989, so you’ll need an earlier Mac to play it)

Required Expedition Equipment

If the Whirlitzer of Wisdom Hypercard Stack is to serve you, your computer system must contain the following elements:  Macintosh Computer: MacPlus or Higher (at least 1 mg RAM) Hard Disk Drive.  System version 6.0 or higher.  “Hypercard” version 1.2 or higher (installed on your hard drive)

The rest of the booklet contains installation and operating instructions.  The booklet ends with:  Finally, operating the Whirlitzer of Wisdom requires no explanation.  An infinite supply of hyper-nickels is provided.

The game was designed by Roger Allen.  We’ve lost contact with Roger, but here is a description we found in a ZBS catalog:  Using the cunning interactive computer game, you become explorer Jack Flanders, living his hair-raising feats of derring-do.  Inspired by the Fourth Tower and Moon Over Morocco, computer-wizard Roger Allen has created a magical jukebox that sends you on wild quests while spewing forth perspicacious metaphysical insights.  Guaranteed to keep you busy with adventure for months.  3 diskettes (boxed) booklet and instructions.


But Then –

Later, Roger added a 4th diskette, and this is “Enlightenment.”  (The other 3 diskettes in the box are “Pyramidion,” just extras copies)

Winning bid: $1227.00

Bidding has now ended.